I want to purchase a ticket for someone else. How do I register them for the conference?

You can purchase as many tickets as you wish through our ticketing system, RegFox. Once you’ve purchased your tickets, you will then be asked to provide the names and email addresses of each individual you wish to invite. Each individual entered will then be contacted by email and will be responsible for entering in their own personalized registration.

Is there an age requirement?

Yes. Due to our policies and safety, anyone under the age of 18 is not allowed to register for a Madison+ Ruby conference. Children under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times

What happens once I am registered for the conference?

The website is the best place for updated information regarding the hotel, conference location, and conference schedule. We are continuously updating our website as information becomes available. A few weeks before the conference, attendees will receive an email containing conference details, social events, Wi-Fi information, and more!