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Madison, WI – Overture Center

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What is Madison+ Ruby?

Madison+ Ruby is a community conference that engages more than just our technical selves.

We pride ourselves on creating a space where people feel like they can get involved. We appreciate the new voices and talent that make the community dynamic and help it grow.

An approachable, single-track, two-day event in the heart of Madison, WI.



No Mo’ Fomo

The Madison+ Ruby conference is a premier event for Ruby enthusiasts, offering unparalleled opportunities for learning, networking, and professional development within a vibrant community. Attendees can explore the latest Ruby trends and technologies, engage with industry experts, and enjoy social events that make the experience both enriching and enjoyable. It's an ideal venue for anyone looking to deepen their Ruby knowledge, connect with like-minded individuals, and contribute to the growth of the Ruby ecosystem.

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Sponsor with purpose

Madison+ Ruby is rooted in community. We do all we can to make events inclusive, engaging, and accessible. We look for sponsors who want to help make that happen. Check out our variety of sponsorship packages and help bring passionate people together to support and learn from one another.

  • “It’s pretty frakking awesome to be wallflowering at a conference listening to ambient conversations folks are having about junior devs—as a junior dev—and feeling all sorts of warm fuzzies because the conversations are so positive.”

    Max R. Cerrina, Madison+ Ruby 2018 attendee
  • “This is my favorite conference, bar owe it to yourself to get there.”

    Patrick Byrne, Madison+ Ruby 2017 attendee
  • “Even years later, the Madison+ Ruby conference is making my day better...“

    Tiffany Green, Madison+ Ruby 2018 attendee

Why you should attend

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  • Learning Opportunities

    Madison+ Ruby offers a wealth of learning opportunities through sessions led by experienced Ruby developers and industry experts. Attendees can learn about the latest Ruby technologies, best practices, and innovative solutions to common problems.

    • Clyde Stubblefield
    • Culvers
    • Little Dribblers